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Chagrin Valley Optometrists provides the highest quality, compassionate optometry to ensure you and your family is healthy and happy.

Meet the team

Meet our skilled, compassionate team committed to providing exceptional eye care for you and your family.

Meet the Team

Dr. Ronald


As an eye doctor and the owner of Chagrin Valley Optometrist since 1988, Dr. Jurcak has treated thousands of patients in the Chagrin Valley area. He combines experience with thoroughness and personalized care in every patient encounter. He enjoys providing full scale comprehensive eye examinations to adults and children alike including the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and contact lens management. Dr. Jurcak’s area of interest is with individuals with special vision needs such as focusing, visual processing, and eye motor problems. In designing a vison therapy program he is able to work with these patients to help them maximize their functional vision to gain a better quality of life. His work is proof that vision means more than just what you can see on the eye chart.

Dr. Jenna


Dr. Lewis became a partner with Dr. Jurcak in 2015 after merging her Beachwood practice into the Chagrin Valley Optometrists location. She is fully committed to lifetime whole eye health and preventative care. Her specialty interest is geared toward the pediatric population with an emphasis on myopia control. However she remains dedicated to comprehensive primary eye care including contact lens management as well as the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease.

Dr. Patrick


Dr. Patrick Shepard joined the Chagrin Valley Optometrists team in June of 2021. It is extra special to have him with us as he is carrying on in the family line being Dr. Jurcak’s nephew. He is excited to provide full scope optometry to patients of all ages in the Chagrin Valley area. His care emphasizes the critical role that our systemic health plays in preserving and enhancing our functional vision. Dr. Shepard understands the importance of strong communication and education between the patient and doctor, especially with contact lens wear and managing ocular diseases.

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